Wombwell Model Car Club
2014 Season
Thanks to all racers who attended the Final Round of the BRCA Nationals at Wombwell, an excellent weekend. Next club day 19 Octber everyone welcome .
WLSC Rules
  1. All drivers must be current BRCA members at the start of the championship
  2. Race Fees are 1st car to be £20. If a driver enters into a second class the race fee for the second car will be £10. These prices are per event.
  3. Race format will consist of 3 heats and a final (4 rounds whenever possible). There will be a rolling start for all heats with the time starting when your car crosses the line.
  4. Only commercially available pump fuel may be used, the only additive allowed is 2 stroke oil (no race fuel or octane booster)
  5. The heats will be of 10 minute durations, with fastest car earning pole position for the final
  6. "A" Finals will be 20 minutes for all classes. In the event of more than 10 drivers per class a B final (20 minutes) will be put in place. i.e.10 drivers = A final ,11 drivers = 6 drivers in A final 5 Drivers in B final. No drivers will move from B final to A final
  7. Finals will be started from a staggered grid with a 5 metre gap between cars
  8. Drivers must complete at least 1 full lap for result to stand.
  9. Transponders will be available
  10. Only vehicles fitting the criteria of the classes will be allowed to run
  11. Frequencies available to use (must be legal in UK)
  • 27 Mhz 26.800 - 27.290 with 10Khz spacing
  • 40 Mhz 40.665 - 40.995 with 10Khz spacing
  • 2.4 Ghz




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The website will be updated after every round of the championships. Please feel free to mail images of your cars. Email Gary

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